2023 2nd International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Engineering Applications (AMEA 2023)

About AMEA 2023

2023 2nd International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Engineering Applications(AMEA 2023) was held on February 24th, 2023 online. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars. About 40 Scholars attended the conference, including 5 keynote speakers and 6 oral speakers to share academic reports. 

Online screenshot group photo

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Keynote Speeches 1 - 5

Prof. Zong Zhi, Dalian University of Technology

Speech Title: Randomness in Ship Icedynamics and Its Modelling

Prof. Weiwei Zhang, Dongguan University of Technology

Speech Title: Chaos Sensitivity-based Detection of Weak Ultrasonic Guided Wave

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Santhosh Krishna B V, New Horizon College of Engineering

Speech Title: Application of Machine Learning Procedures for Mechanical System Modelling.

Assoc. Prof. Yipin Wan, Chang′an University

Speech Title: Research on Load Test and Fatigue Test Method of Loader Structure and Transmission.

Assoc. Prof. Fengming Du, Marine Engineering college of Dalian Maritime University

Speech Title: Investigation on the mechanical behavior of continuous casting mold.

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Oral Speeches 1 - 6

Chenchen Sun, Chongqing University

Flexible Ultrahigh-frequency Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Vibration Sensing.

Yifei Zhang, Meituan

Aeroacoustics Analysis of Propeller Blades.

Tianming Zhao, Meituan

Noise Reduction on a Low Reynolds Number Propeller.

Xiaolin Li, Southeast University

Analysis of Ground Motion Characteristics in Soft Soil of Large Substation in Gansu Region.

Rongsheng Zhang, Zhejiang University

A Comparison Study on Different Suction Bucket Pre-piling Templates for Offshore Wind Jacket Foundation.

Yanxiao Zheng, Guangxi University

Mapping Analysis of Bilateral Restraint Capsule System

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About AMEA 2022

The 2022 International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Engineering Applicationshas(AMEA 2022) been held online conference on February 25, 2022. AMEA 2022 online conference includes 3 keynote speakers and 2 oral speakers to share academic reports. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars!

2022年应用力学与工程技术应用国际学术会议(AMEA 2022)已在2022年2月25日召开线上视频会议。会议包括3位主讲嘉宾及2位口头报告学者的学术分享。感谢参与及听取报告的各位学者!



Keynote Speeches/主旨报告 

Prof. Chuang Feng 冯闯 教授

Nanjing Tech University, China 南京工业大学

Title: Dynamic Response of Graphene Platelets Reinforced Dielectric Composite Structures with Active Tuning 



Prof. Prof. Z. Zong 宗智 教授

Dalian University of Technology, China 大连理工大学

Title:   Study on Large-Scale High-Speed Trimaran




Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia  马来西亚理工大学

Title: Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Sparger Systems in Electroless Nickel Plating Processing Tank.



Oral Speeches/口头报告

Xin Zhang, Hohai University


Investigation of Tensions of Inclined Cables Considering Bending Stiffness Based on An Implicit Function Method



Liwan Huang, Beijing Sports University


A Comparison of Two Designs of Metatarsal Pad for Hallux Valgus: A Biomechanical Study in Finite Element Analysis